Welcome to My Business Continuity Plan!

Welcome to My Business Continuity Plan!

". . . we cannot predict and control events; the attempt to be the master or mistress of the universe will at best make us anxious. But we can choose how we respond to events.” - What Philosophy Can Teach You About Being a Better Leader

A business continuity plan or BCP is a resource that helps leadership teams anticipate their actions in the face of disruptive events. 

My Business Continuity Plan was developed with the understanding that every organization has some business continuity policies or activities already in place. What frustrates many leaders, however, is finding the time to organize existing business continuity strategies and future plans into a document that reflects the organization's commitment to protecting assets needed for mission fulfillment.

My Business Continuity Plan gives you options that support the creation of a continuity plan under any time constraints! 

A three column image graphically describing the differences between the three options for business continuity plans available through this tool

The cost of My Business Continuity Plan is $149. Affiliate Members and chapters, branches, and customers of Affiliate Members pay only $29. To see if you qualify for the Affiliate Member rate, peruse our list of current members here

HAI Group Special Edition is Available—A special edition of this web application is available for policyholders of the Housing Authority Insurance Group. To access this special edition, go to www.mybusinesscontinuityplan.org/haig.

For information about developing a special edition of My Business Continuity Plan for your company, association, or umbrella group, contact Kay Nakamura at 703.777.3504, or Kay@nonprofitrisk.org.

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